Religion is an important part of life. It is hard to deny the existence of these entities when clerics and paladins channel their divine power, paladins shine like beacons against the darkness, and the gods walk the multiverse themselves.

Many people worship different gods at different times, others devote themselves entirely to one or a handful of gods, and others do nothing more than acknowledge their existence.



Dieties Alignment Aspects
Wemus LE Tyranny, War
Timir NE Death, Decay, Disease
Oteus CE Misfortune, Chaos
Coteus LN Knowledge, War
Yzdall TN Life, Light
Ararus CN Trickery, Playful, 
Idos LN Desert, Brutish
Avdes TN Mountain, Height, Wind
Epnus CN Winter, Blizzard, Snow
Tesstus CN Forest, Growth, Change
Nesyn TN Plains, Average, Static
Tyna LN Coast, Peace, Adapt
Nuaris LN Desert, Empire, Conquest
Erena TN Mountain, Protect, Shield
Eneas CN Winter, Fight, Independance
<s>Axena</s> CG Moon, Tides, Life
Nihtia NG Courage, Bold, Strength
Kolsyn LG Justice, Order, Defense
Izna ??? ???
Meru ??? ???



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